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I am looking for a serious person who isn't into the usual internet bullshit often found on dating sites. I am looking for someone who knows himself well enough that when he looks at a man that he likes he is willing to take some risks and see what happens. If you are ready for commitment and to settle down, please read on. If not, please leave me alone. I am looking for a LTR (life time Relationship). I believe that a relationship is harbored in the concepts of love - this is the emotional as well as the physical, understanding, caring, support, and most of all communication. I also believe that a relationship is like a cake recipe: there are many ingredients needed to bake a relationship, i.e. COMMUNICATION, honesty, trust, loyalty, faithfulness, companionship, support (emotional, mental, financial and physical) and love. You mix large quantities of these together given from both partners and out comes a relationship. Then you add the icing, which would be love making (sex), and that helps hold the whole thing together. The man I am looking to be with will understand that the 'getting to know you' starts as soon as the two of agree that they like each other and continues on throughout the relationship. The possibility of you learning everything there is to know about me would take more than a lifetime together. The probability of us getting to a comfortable place in our relationship in which you and I have connected and understand each other and each other's mechanics is much more likely to happen. I want to walk beside you and share our lives. As is the case in all these dating sites, the choices given don't always tell the real you. So don't not talk to me because you think you don't fit into what I am looking for. This is just a recipe for a LTR and ingredients certainly can be added. I have no certain type of person I am looking for as my partner. You may be the person who will fill my life with joy and happiness and I may be yours, but we will never know if you and I don't talk. If it is not meant to be, nothing lost...if it is then thank you for taking the risk to find out. I am also open to dating and casual sex also. After all I am human and there is nothing wrong with having a good time along the way to finding that one person who will clasp my hand and walk down life's path with me to its end. And please don't let distance stand in the way never know where you are going to find your life partner.

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