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37 jaar
man, gay



This Profile will be a work in progress, I really never know what to put in them. As things come to mind I will add them. I have a great sense of humor. I enjoy making ohter laugh, it makes me feel great inside. I'm very independent in all aspects of my life, although perhaps not as independent as I think. Normally somewhat of a loner, but I do enjoy the company of others usually in a relaxed and mellow environment. I'm a little shy and sometimes "dont" warm up quickly, but I do eventually warm up. If I'm with the right guy, I enjoy alot of cuddling, holding. I prefer a few good friends over many and am very much a one man guy. Once I find someone, I stay extremely loyal and have no desire for another beyond looking. I like to be with someone that enjoys being with another person. I am relationship oriented and would like to meet someone looking for the same. I like kids, so if there are any involved that would be great. I really don't have a "type," when it comes to my man, it all comes down to that "connection" I think we are all looking for. I want a lover that is my friend as well. I love with my whole heart. My love motto is "when you are cut, I bleed" and I want my lover to have the same feelings for me. I do not believe my lover has to be a mini me, in fact I'd rather my partner has his own opinion.

When was the last time you rest peacefully in the arms of your lover? You can hear his heart beating passionately for you; his breath gently caresses the back of your neck, and gives you the euphoric sensation. He kisses, ever so softly, with the hint of mint, like the welcoming sunshine in the spring. His skin, cool to the touch yet warm by nature, caresses yours, like leaves rustle to the summer rain. You feel the curves of his muscles, like the autumn breeze strolling over the rolling hills. He smiles, openly, kindly, and lightly, like the fresh snowflakes falling onto your face. His voice, sometimes the lightening thunders, sometimes the whispering rains, is all music to your ears. His quirky sense of humor, whether funny or not, brings out the laughter of your life.
Making love is not about having sex; it is about living life together, everyday. Sex, like the icing on the cake, can only be good to certain extend. Meanwhile, making love is about cooking for two, writing a romantic card, going to a ball game, attending a concert, walking in a park, talking about future, quarreling about nothing, watching silly TV shows, visiting dear friends, crying together, and encouraging each other. After all, love is not given, it is built on. You start with a fire of passion, and ignite the affection within. However, without frequently adding TLC logs, and constantly kindle and tender the fire, it will die down and die out eventually.

I like to live a healthy lifestyle but am not obsessive about it. I believe in the power of two; TOGETHER we can be 1 1=3. I'm hoping for some one who can challange me as a person with love and humor and vice versa. A true partner in life is an amazing thing.

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