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I am an easy-going witty spontaneous individual who likes challenges and adventures and likes to try new things and has a good sense of humor, loves animals and children but likes the independent adult life I lead. I am so new to this and its will be really nice reading a note from you out there, we both understand that There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread. am financially independent, talented, very stable and emotionally mature. I’m also goofy plus healthy, happy and wise with great Romance. I realize that love is the natural mold of existence and it is my task to choose love, rather than fear as I am co-creating my reality with my thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and actions.I don't blame anything outside of myself for my lack of fulfillment.

I am looking for my best friend, lover and confidant! A man who takes care of his body and his mind. Someone who has a sense of style about himself and appreciates how nice clothes make him feel.Someone who brings interesting things to the relationship such as his own ideas, curiosity, shared interest, chemistry and charm.
Someone who will contribute as much to the relationship as I will. I would like someone who is always considerate of others and gives more than they take. I am looking for someone who will accept me for who I am, even when I am at my worst. Someone who will cheer for me at karaoke or hold me when I am hurt. Someone who will be able to act silly with me when I feel like cutting loose, or be serious and responsible when the situation warrants.

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